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A little self-promotion for some slightly delayed fics…

Here are fics I’ve been writing that were shelved, but are going to see the light of day soon and I am promoting them here ;)

Cathouse Kurt

A Western AU. Kurt is married to the eldest son of the Karofsky family after his father dies to repay his family’s debt, but his new husband is abusive. He leaves his new husband to work at a saloon/whore house run by Blaine. M rated. Warning for physical and sexual abuse, prostitution. Klaine with a side order of Kurtbastian.

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Need for Speed: New York

Sequel to the original Need for Speed fic. Kurt and Blaine in New York with Nick and Jeff, navigating love and life during their senior year of college. Rated M.

Niff Preview


Inspired by the 1987 movie of the same name starring Kim Catrell, about an Egyptian princess who travels through time to find her one true love. This story is meant to be fluffy and campy and not at all historically accurate. Rated M. Kurtbastian.


Glass Beach

During the early 20th century residents of Fort Bragg, California chose to dispose of their waste by hurling it off the cliffs above a beach. No object was too toxic or too large as household appliances, automobiles, and all matter of trash were tossed into the crashing waves below, eventually earning it the name The Dumps. In 1967 the North Coast Water Quality Board closed the area completely and initiated a series of cleanups to slowly reverse decades of pollution and environmental damage. But there was one thing too costly (or perhaps impossible) to tackle: the millions of tiny glass shards churning in the surf. Over time the unrelenting ocean waves have, in a sense, cleansed the beach, turning the sand into a sparkling, multicolored bed of smooth glass stones now known as Glass Beach. The beach is now an unofficial tourist attraction and the California State Park System has gone so far as purchasing the property and incorporating it into surrounding MacKerricher State Park. (images courtesy digggsmatthew highmeganprulee rentz)


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