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Kurtbastian one-shot - ‘A Different Approach to Life’


Sebastian dies in a tragic car accident, and a distraught Kurt tries to bring him back.

Okay, this is a Zombie!Sebastian AU from a prompt I apparently gave to myself. If you are a loyal follower of my blog, you might have read where I write in my sleep, and ended up giving myself a zombie prompt. Many of my readers said it sounded like an ‘In The Flesh’ AU, but as I don’t watch that show, any similarities are awesome, but entirely unintended.

This story is written in two styles. The first half is a normal narrative. The second half is written from Kurt’s perspective, via journal entries.

This is meant to be romantic and angsty more than gory, so even though there are some zombie elements, it’s not extreme. But tread with caution.

Futurefic, angst, romance, major character death, minor blood and gore.

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